What's Included

  • A Personalized Plan

    Week One of the course is all about creating a plan for YOUR unique needs. Then we spend the next 7 weeks dialing that plan in for you!

  • Group Coaching

    Natalie and Shawna will support you every step of the way in our online Thinkific community

  • Ongoing Support

    Once you've completed the course you remain in the online community to continue on your journey of fueling your training and your life!

Gain confidence in how to eat for the badass athlete you are!

What We Cover

    1. To Do List

    1. Zoom Session

    2. 3 Days of Food Tracking

    3. 3 Day Food Journal - Download

    4. Tracking Body Composition Changes

    5. Creating Your Plan and Sharing Your Progress With Us.

    6. What's Your Focus & Why Do You Want To Achieve It?

    7. Goal Setting

    8. From Goals to Action

    9. Schedule Your 30 Minute 1-on-1

    10. Weekly Review

    11. Weekly Check-In

    1. Zoom Session

    2. Your To Do List for the Week

    3. Using the Precision Nutrition Calculator

    4. Precision Nutrition Macro Calculator

    5. How to Understand Your Macros

    6. Balancing Macros Throughout the Week

    7. Daily Portion Tracking Sheet

    8. Leaning Out Using Carb Cycling

    9. Frequently Asked Questions

    10. Check In

    1. Zoom Session

    2. Why Protein Matters So Much

    3. Precision Nutrition - All About Protein

    4. Protein - Getting in Enough

    5. Finding Balance Throughout Your Day

    6. Plant Based Protein Sources

    7. Protein Sources - Cheat Sheet

    8. Protein Sources Shopping List

    9. Check In

    1. Zoom Session

    2. Why Carbs are Your Friends

    3. Carbs - Setting Your Minimums

    4. Blood Sugar and Insulin Response

    5. The Carb Continuum - Understanding Fast and Slow Digested Carbs and the Glycemic Index

    6. Carbs and Sleep

    7. Carb Shopping List

    8. Check In

    1. Zoom Session

    2. Mid Course Progress

    3. All About Healthy Fats

    4. Understanding Dietary Fat as a Female Athlete

    5. Luteal Phase and Fat Needs

    6. Fats Shopping List

    7. Check In

About this course

  • 66 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

What you can expect through this course and our coaching

  • Improved energy, focus, and motivation

  • Increased confidence with nutrition

  • Dominating your strength

  • Recovering faster

  • Evolving the athlete in you


  • When does the next course start?

    The course is rolling, which means it starts as soon as you sign up. It's also self-paced, so you can repeat weeks as needed.

  • Will I lose weight?

    If this is your primary goal, we are going to work with you to help make weight loss happen in a sustainable and healthy way.

  • How will I be coached?

    We have three different avenues to be supported by your coaches - private discussions through the course curriculum, in the different community spaces, and in our weekly Zooms.

  • What if I want to gain weight?

    The foundation of the course is to teach you how nutrition in our sport works for you as a female athlete. We will help you understand how to eat both for cutting and gaining weight!

  • Is this course appropriate for beginners?

    It ABSOLUTELY is! Coaches Shawna and Natalie have coached hundreds of athletes and have made this course understandable and easy to apply to any level of athlete (and to any level of nutrition learner!).


Similar courses go for $1000-$1500

For 8 weeks of nutrition guidance, coaching, support, accountability, and a 5 day money back guarantee - it's $499. But prices will probably go up, so if you're curious, let's do it!

Social Proof: Testimonials

“Working with Shawna as my nutrition coach is one of the best choices I’ve ever made for my self. I reached out for Shawna, ‘cause I knew, that she had had some great results with other women - results that I also wanted for myself. Before I started coaching with Shawna, I was frustrated, ‘cause I felt, that I ate wise (keto), did a lot of intermitting fasting, ran and did my workouts. However I was binge eating candy and ice cream in the weekends. And the result.. I gained weight. And after loosing 10 kg in the last year, I was terrified, that all the weight that I had lost, would come back. Also my body didn’t like the intermitting fasting - my period stopped for 2-3 months. Shawna has supported me on my way back to eating carbs. We have made small steps together. Working with one thing at the time. Especially we have worked with a mindset, that comes down to: how can I fuel my body, so that I can perform, stay satiated, have an awesome energy and female hormones in balance. Shawna talks with you. She understands where in life you are right now and adjust her coaching to that. She helps you to see and understand, why you eat like you do. We have worked a lot with pms cravings, tiredness and stress in a body/mind scan check in. And we’re making results. My period is back. I’ve lost 5 kg so far - and kept muscle mass. I perform better and have an awesome energy! And the best part!!! I dont feel deprived!! I feel that I take good care of me. I enjoy it. I’ve never felt more in touch with me. I feel so empowered in every aspect of my life: motherhood, family, marriage and work. More confident than ever. Shawna brings a feminine wilderness in to your life. I love it! Every woman should have a Shawna in their life.”


“I would highly recommend Shawna as a nutrition coach. She is extremely knowledgeable and is passionate about helping her clients. I have learned so much from her as she looks at the whole body - food, workouts, sleep, hormones and life history that shaped eating habits. She focuses on whole foods and eating enough of the right foods to fuel your body. She “geeks out” (her words!) on the science behind the nutrition yet explains it in layman’s terms so I can visualize what she’s talking about. As a someone who does CrossFit and is 60 years old, the goal for me is to maintain/build my lean muscle mass while losing body fat. It’s definitely a journey and Shawna is a great cheerleader. We go deep sometimes into the “why,” yet she ALWAYS makes me laugh and feel positive about the progress I’ve made. Her positivity and energy help keep me in the game and moving forward toward my goals.”


“Working with Shawna was not at all what I expected and everything I needed. When I first reached out to her, I was anticipating a somewhat similar experience to other “diets” and “challenges” I had done before. Instead, I discovered that Shawna was actually customizing my experience - not slightly tweaking a one-size-fits all program. She listened to my goals and major issues I was dealing with. She didn’t try to tell me what my goals should be, what weight I should be, anything - she listened and really heard me when I told her what I hoped to get out of our work together. Now, six months later, I’m a whole new woman. I actually sleep through the night and feel rested when I wake up. I have energy to complete my workouts, to train at the level i want to train at and to stay alert and engaged throughout the day! My gut health has greatly improved. My confidence and mental health have improved leaps and bounds. I know more about my body than I ever have! Shawna has this magic approach that considers your whole person. From the science to the feels, she has it all covered. I really feel like she’s my partner in reaching my health and fitness goals, and I know he has my back. If you’re thinking of working with her, taking one of her courses, anything at all - do it! I have no doubt you’ll be as delighted as I have been with the entire process.”

Meg T.

“I have been working with Shawna for about three years now and she has completely changed my relationship with food. I used to always be on some type of diet with zero results. With Shawna I have lost 40lbs while actually eating more and not feeling like I’m on a diet. She has changed the way I fuel my body and has helped me to get to my body composition goals without feeling like I need to deprive myself of certain foods. I finally feel like I’m fueling myself as an athlete in a way that is sustainable without having to constantly be on a diet or counting calories. ”



Added bonuses as part of course participation

  • Life Time Membership - Group Coaching

    $1000+ value

    Once you've completed the 8 Week Session, you will continue receiving support and accountability as one of our athletes! You will never have to navigate your nutrition alone AGAIN!

  • 6 Week Strength Program

    $50 value

    Want to focus on lifting heavy and gaining strength while you fuel for performance? This 6 Week strength program is tried and true- over 25% of the CFT athletes saw one if not more PRS. As a course participant you gain access to the program for FREE.

  • Hormone Support

    $500 value

    Gain insight and experience from our coaches on navigating hormone imbalances - from irregular periods to PCOS and thyroid issues. Women pay hundreds of dollars per month to get this information from our coaches - you get it for FREE as part of our course!

Let us help you get your nutrition dialed in

Learn more about your Coaches

Shawna Norton

Nutrition Coach

Shawna Norton is an L1 Certified Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition, with a B.S in Kinesiology. She also holds her L1 with Crossfit and actively coaches athletes through her women's only coaching program- Competitive Female Training. Shawna has been coaching nutrition for the past 5 years, with a recent transition to full time. Her ideal demographic is the women of CrossFit as these are the women she relates with the most. Shawna loves helping women fuel their training and to focus on what their bodies can do.

Natalie Guyan

Nutrition Coach

Having lost 80lbs in bodyweight with an obese to athlete transformation, Natalie became inspired to support her experience and knowledge with industry leading certifications. After qualifying as a Level 3 Personal Trainer and CrossFit Level 1 (with certificates for gymnastics and kids) She certified as a BWL Weightlifting Coach. Natalie established and grew a female only CrossFit community with CrossFit Marbella in the south of Spain. As a mum to 2 young girls, with a corporate background and having coached female fitness and nutrition in person and online since 2017, Nat is passionate about helping women find their wings and overcome the everyday obstacles that can stand in the way of achieving their health and fitness goals.